How Old Is Your Dog In Human Years, And Can You Change That?

How Old Is Your Dog In Human Years, And Can You Change That?

How old is your dog? It’s not as simplistic as the old rule-of-thumb where 1 calendar year equals seven dog years.  It’s a mix of health and genetics that determine your dog’s age.  There’s not much you can do about genetics, but you have direct control over health.

Is it possible to help your dog live longer? 6 or 7yrs old does not need to be middle age. Most dogs can easily live into their teens if properly cared for.  This chart is conservative if you follow the tips below.

Here are a few commonly accepted ways to keep your pet healthy.

1. Maintain your dog’s teeth: Tooth decay is a very common, yet dangerous health problem for dogs, causing infections throughout the body, especially in the heart and kidneys. For more info read…/

2. Keep your dog at a healthy weight: Unfortunately, the obesity crisis has affected animals as well as people. Learn the signs of your dog putting on weight (see post from Saturday for a useful chart).

3. Give your dog regular exercise: Dogs need exercise in the same way that people do, about an hour every day.

4. Get regular checkups and vaccinations: As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

5. A natural diet: Diet and nutrition is one of the most important parts of helping your dog live as long as possible.

Most dog foods are made with chemicals, indigestible ingredients, and preservatives which become toxic over time. Evidence is mounting saying raw and natural foods are the way to go. This means that they shop for their dog at the grocery store (or buy Fetching Foods) just like the rest of the family.

If you look at the dogs out there who have lived the longest they have been dogs who had a raw/natural diet and ate pretty much what their human pack members ate, in the correct amounts, giving them energy to exercise, and not consuming processed kibble (dry/bagged food).

Watch this video for 3mins more info on diet and cancer.

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