Is Your Pet Ready For The Fireworks?

Is Your Pet Ready For The Fireworks?

If you have a pet that’s afraid of fireworks, like our ridgeback Rosie, then you might want to take a few steps to ease her fear. There are desensitization programs that you can put them on to mitigate the effects of fireworks, ahead of a fireworks-holiday.
But if you find yourself just now thinking of what to do hours before the festivities start, here are a few suggestions. You can always use the Google for more ideas and helpful steps.
1) Get your pets (dogs and cats) indoors. Make sure, as much as you can, they’ve gotten some exercise prior to the fireworks show. The more exercise, the better.
2) Make sure they’re wearing an ID tag. Fear/panic can cause them to escape from areas they normally can’t get out of. There’s always a swelling at the Animal Shelters after fireworks-based holidays.  Make it easy for them to get back home if they manage to run away.
3) Create a safe space. Somewhere close quarters, like a crate or a hidy-box. For cats you can create or use your cat tunnel from their hidy spot to the litterbox. Put a blanket over the crate, that’s what we do with Rosie.
4) Make a sound barrier. Play music or put the television on to create a noise distraction, at a comfortable volume. You can also put on specialized music for dogs and cats that’s calming like (you can find on Amazon, iTunes, etc): Through a Dog’s Ear or Through a Cat’s Ear.
5) Consider some sort of sedative.  Benadryl generally works well.  For Rosie we use CBD.  We’ve used cookies which worked fairly well.  Now we use human-grade CBD oil, adding it to some food before the fireworks start.  There are other products like from The Two Crazy Cat Ladies, called Cat Calm.  Standard Disclaimer: consult your vet before using these products.
Google a bit to get other tips that might work really well with your dog or cat. You know them best and how they might benefit from all of the solutions possible.  Your vet is always a valuable resource as well.

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