Pay Premium For A Pedigree But Continue Feeding Kibble

Pay Premium For A Pedigree But Continue Feeding Kibble

I hear stories like this rather frequently as you might guess, nearly weekly in fact.  But this one story stood out for some reason.
A person has fed her dogs Fetching Foods samples, loves it, saw for herself the benefits, even KNOWS the benefits of raw. She got a new $3500 puppy. She said she can’t afford Fetching Foods, any raw, not even DIY raw (see our blog section for DIY Raw).  She plans to continue feeding her mediocre kibble.
The reason she received multiple samples was her dogs were having diet-related health problems, so we put her dogs on Fetching Foods for a week where clear, acknowledged, obvious easing of the symptoms were observed.

Isn’t that like putting regular gas into your Lambo? You’re investing a LARGE amount of money into a companion ($3500 is just the cost of the puppy, not initial vet bills, toys, emotional investment, etc).

This is something I find difficult to understand every time I hear it. No matter what your puppy, dog, kitten, or cat costs, why would you ever risk their vitality, health, and lifespan?  Only you can decide what to feed your pet.  They can’t put in requests — you’re completely in charge of their health and well-being.

A little video I made that gives more insight.

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