Salmonella: OMG, the Food’s Raw?!

Salmonella: OMG, the Food’s Raw?!

A first. A customer decided they didn’t want any more Fetching Foods.

His pup, Charles, had a weight problem.  We constructed a diet plan to get him back to his fighting weight. From November until now, Charles lost 15%, and started having a shape other than round. He had more energy, and his 10yrs old self seemed renewed according to his owner — even though Charles still got a good share of table scraps…

What changed his mind about Fetching Foods was an article by Dr Oz. Yep, the human doctor. In the newspaper someone wrote into his column asking about feeding raw to their pet. Oz said that’s a highly dangerous practice and to avoid it, listing a few reasons, primarily salmonella.

Charles’ owner called his vet asking if he should be concerned. The vet said never feed raw food.  Every animal on the planet, except humans, eat all of their food raw.  Except humans and companion animals humans feed.

Here’s the twist. The vet recommended Fetching Foods to the owner. The vet occasionally feeds Fetching Foods to his pup. The clinic where the vet works is owned by Hills (Science Diet). Also consider the liability if something happens to Charles from eating raw (very low chance), being the vet’s recommendation, he could be liable.

We use human-grade food. We’re a FDA registered and inspected facility.  The food is extremely unlikely to have salmonella. We practice raw food handling procedures, avoid cross-contamination, cleaning/sterilization procedures, and use NSF equipment.

The FDA even says “salmonellosis is uncommon in dogs and cats. When the disease is seen in an adult dog or cat, the animal typically has another infection or debilitating condition at the same time.”

Then there’s the fact KIBBLE (dry food) has nearly all of the salmonella outbreaks and recalls!

I spent well over an hour discussing this with Charles’ owner. In the end, I said you need to make up your mind, since he seemed pained and uncertain what to do. He opted for the traditional feeding method: table scraps and kibble.

Unfortunately for Charles, I think the old feeding habits and low food quality will return, along with the lbs to his 10yr old body… very unhealthy.

Only you can decide what to feed your pet. Make the best decision possible.

See the latest video where I eat the Fetching Foods meat raw. And somehow survive despite Dr. Oz’s warning.

Here’s a great article from Dr. Becker on the subject. I also gave this to Charles’ owner to no avail.

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