Then and Now: Why Haven’t We Changed Our Feeding Habits

Then and Now: Why Haven’t We Changed Our Feeding Habits

Lorne Greene 1978 Alpo Dog Food Commercial

That’s a commercial I remember growing up. Did you catch what Lorne said? “Alpo *beef flavored* dinner. Protein *flavored* with *real beef juices*”.

What is beef flavor? What are beef juices? Notice no mention of meat but the allusion that meat/beef is used. This is when the big pet food companies really started to gain steam, using the worst, cheapest ingredients for your dog and cat. Deceptive terms, low cost, and convenience became commonplace to get us thinking this is the best and only way to feed our pets.

I use to think the place kids and dogs rode was in the bed of a pick-up. I didn’t think about it.  When it was time to go somewhere I hopped into the bed.  When feeding dogs, even as late as 2010 for me, kibble is just what you used.  Didn’t even think about it.

But you get older, our thinking evolves. We learn better ways. I no longer ride in a truck bed.  However, we haven’t done that with our pet’s food.

What’s a shame, is this commercial would still work today.  Update it with some modern sophistication, and Alpo would fly off the shelves.  Other than that it’s really the same commercial I see nearly every day.  The message is the same: your dog or cat loves this artificial, unnatural, and unhealthy food.

Then fool you with pretty pictures and happy animals eating the food.  Your dog or cat can’t complain and won’t exhibit signs of illness unless things are really bad.  They’re tough creatures.  You’ll never know if it makes them feel healthy or not.  But if you think about it for two minutes, how eating low-quality highly processed food makes you feel, you can kind of guess the physical effects your pet is experiencing.

Ask questions and know what you’re buying.  You’re the only one capable of feeding your pet a healthy meal.  In fact, you’re responsible for feeding your pet healthy food.

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