What is Your Pet’s Poop Saying?

What is Your Pet’s Poop Saying?

A raw food diet provides many benefits to the cats and dogs in your life, from a shinier coat, more energy, less illness, to better oral health, fewer allergies, and even a better digestive health.  That’s right, your pet’s poop is even better on a raw food diet.  The change in the waste that your pet produces because of their diet is not only tremendous, but also beneficial to their health.

With dry, kibble-based pet food, an animal’s waste is often large and soft, as well as frequent.  The reality is that the larger a pet’s poop, the less food is actually being digested by that animal.  Because the animal is absorbing fewer nutrients, they are often required to eat more, carbohydrate-based food in order to get the essential amount of nutrition, which is difficult on your pet’s health. 

On the other hand, a raw food diet can positively affect the digestive health of an animal.  When an animal is on a raw, meat-based diet, they absorb a significant amount of nutrients from the food.  Animals have natural digestive enzymes that break down the meat, fruits, and vegetables that a raw food diet consists of.  These enzymes effectively take out the necessary nutrients of the food, leaving very little for the animal to pass as waste.  Animals on this type of diet are far healthier than their kibble-eating peers, as they are retaining a much greater amount of nutrients, vitamins, protein, etc.  Due to the natural digestive enzymes, animals on a raw food diet typically produce as much as two-thirds less waste as those animals on a kibble-based diet.  Their poop is also small, generally odorless, well formed, and less frequent, typically once or twice a week.  

Raw food diets usually produce small, hard balls of poop that are easily passed and turn white and crumble and blow away in a day or so if you forget to pick them up. This is totally normal. Some people have gone back to feeding kibble, because no one explained that their pet’s poop would radically change on a raw food diet, and that multiple huge piles of stinky poop from dry food diets would be a thing of the past. So, feces will change – and for the better. Raw food poop is entirely different from kibble-fed poop.

Oftentimes, after one to three months on a fresh food diet, pets go through a detoxification process. This is totally normal and is actually something to celebrate.

Detox for your pet will happen through the bowels and skin. During a detox, your pet will act completely normal. He’ll be happy, bright, and alert. But you might find that he’s shedding a tremendous amount of hair. Pets shed out their old, dead, dull hair, and begin growing a shiny, soft coat. You might also see a lot of earwax or debris being produced from the ear. That needs to be cleaned out. And some detoxing pets will pass blobs of mucus in their stools.

These symptoms of detoxification will pass on their own. They’re nothing you need to worry about, but are something you should anticipate or it might freak you out. Pets on a fresh food diet also consume far less water than pets eating an entirely processed diet. You need to anticipate that your pet’s water intake will diminish.

The digestive benefits of a raw food diet are clearly seen in the poop of an animal.  At Fetching Foods, we recognize how your pet’s overall health and well-being can improve by eating the correct meats, fruits, and vegetables, replicating a more natural, wild diet, resulting in less waste.  With that in mind, we create products that contain the highest quality of ingredients, fresh and often organic, providing the best possible situation for your pet’s health.  Start enjoying less smelly and frequent pet poops around your home and yard by visiting www.fetchingfoods.com and placing your order either raw cat or dog food today!  Let your pet’s poop tell you that they are healthy and living well!

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