A Raw Food Diet Benefits Pets’ Oral Health

A Raw Food Diet Benefits Pets’ Oral Health

If someone told you to care for and clean your teeth by eating tortilla chips every day, you would think that they are silly. However, that is the approach many people take when it comes to the oral health of their pets. Since most people feed their pets processed kibble, they are falling victim to the falsehood about the benefits of “crunchy” food for teeth, and putting their pets’ health in harms way. A switch from kibble, dry food to a raw food diet can transform your pet’s oral health, and, therefore, overall health, in mere days, and Fetching Foods can help you achieve that for your beloved pet.

Today, more pets (dogs and cats) suffer from oral related issues than from any other health problem. In fact, more than 70% of pets suffer from some form of periodontal disease by the age of two. This disease can lead to other significant health effects including kidney, liver, and heart disease, all of which are clearly harmful to an animal’s health. One of the biggest causes of periodontal disease is the build up of tartar. Tartar is hardened plaque that has accumulated on various parts of the tooth, and tends to lead to irritated gums and gingivitis. Diet has been discovered to be a major source of this problem, as dry, kibble food is simply inadequate at helping to “clean” an animal’s teeth. Processed pet food is also highly concentrated with sugars in the form of grains and other carbohydrates. These types of food ingredients tend to “stick” to the tooth rather than help remove food particles from it. However, with a simple change to a raw food diet, a pet’s oral health can greatly improve.

A raw food diet can significantly improve an animal’s dental health. The use of raw, meaty bones as a component of a raw food diet is essential to the positive oral health of an animal. The meats that are on the bone contain natural enzymes that break down the plaque, so the food does not stick to the tooth or harden. Animals in the wild have lived off of this type of diet for thousands of years and have never had the type of dental problems that pets today experience. Because it serves as a natural toothbrush and removes plaque, cats and dogs on a raw food diet experience white teeth, a decrease in “stinky” breath, as well as less risk for some of the more deadly effects of gum disease. Clearly, a raw food diet, such as one created by Fetching Foods, is a superior choice when it comes to an animal’s oral health.

With the power of advertising behind them, major pet food companies have convinced the greater public that dry, kibble food and treats are beneficial for the teeth of cats and dogs. However, they are simply wrong. Using a raw food diet will result in a healthier, happier pet. At Fetching Foods, the high quality raw pet food that we create supports a dog and cat’s oral health, as we use raw meat ingredients that help to break down plaque, not create it. Knowledge is power, and knowing what you are feeding your pet makes you, and them, very powerful!

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