Frequently Asked Questions

If you live in the Las Vegas area we will deliver your order for $11.99.  Deliveries occur Mondays during normal business hours, including holidays.  You can expect us between 8:30a and 1p.  Contact us for exceptions. Ensure to include your gate code or other access instructions with your order.

We have have a long record of successfully shipping throughout the year in the hottest and coldest weather.  If you have special shipping needs or requirements, please contact us.

To optimize your shipment, review our shipping tips.  Always include gate codes and other delivery hurdles so we can efficiently deliver your order.

All shipped orders include dry ice and insulated liners. Sending too much dry ice with your order increases the weight, and thus the cost of shipping (what you pay). We consider a perfect shipment when the dry ice finishes sublimating (evaporating) the minute it hits your front porch.

We add and subtract insulation and dry ice based on the season.  We do our best to plan for delays caused by unexpected issues (weather, mechanical) with the carriers, so the food arrives in the condition expected.  As long as the food arrives at 40′ or colder, it can be safely refrozen (read more HERE).

Click HERE for a quick video showing how to follow your order’s progress on our website, including track shipping.

Our production schedule starts on Monday morning by ordering all ingredients for the orders received the previous week to the cut-off. We then make orders Tuesday through Friday.  

UPS/FedEx: Ships on Monday unless it’s a holiday. If that’s the case it’ll ship the next business day.  

In-Store Pick-Up: we’ll email you when your order’s ready.

Local Delivery: Mondays between 8:30a and 1p.

Air-Cargo: orders will ship when ready starting Wednesday and finished by by Friday.  

Make sure we’re aware of any delivery restrictions, especially days/times you can’t receive your order.

Here’s a LINK to a quick video that shows how to track your order’s progress on our website.

UPS/FedEx: They are good carriers and are usually very dependable. However, things happen — weather, mechanical, lost items, unexpected capacity overloads — and they are NOT required to replace perishable shipments according to their terms and conditions.  Sometimes they do, but it’s hit-and-miss.  Once shipped, we have no control or say.  If your package is damaged or delayed it may be beyond our ability to keep the food fully frozen and we are not responsible for damages or replacements.   We do not require a signature for delivery — it’s left at your doorstep. You can purchase a protection plan that’s offered as part of your shopping cart. You can read more here.

We send UPS/FedEx orders on Mondays unless it’s a holiday. In that case we’ll send it the next business day. Occasionally we’ll send UPS/FedEx orders when they’re complete and frozen, but that’s only for nearby destinations. The reason is out of caution: not wanting an unexpected delay to cause your order to sit in a trailer or warehouse over the weekend and spoil. Keep in mind choosing UPS/FedEx Next Day or 2nd Day Air is the time it takes to travel to you once shipped on Monday, not the time it takes us to process your order. 

Air-Cargo: This is a flat rate shipment option.  That means you can purchase large orders and pay a fixed price for shipping up to 75lbs for Southwest and Alaska, and 65lbs for Delta.  It can be a fantastic cost-saver if you have the freezer space. Plus it’s super fast, dependable, and the air-carriers usually cover any damage while in their control. You can purchase a protection plan that’s offered as part of your shopping cart. You can read more here.

With air-cargo you can either pick up your order at the airport or have it couriered to your door. The pick-up option is cheaper and is great if you have the time to make a trip to the airport. The cargo pick-up location is on the outskirts of the airport, isn’t subject to long lines or TSA passenger hurdles. It’s a quick in and out with your drivers license or other official ID. We’ll send you an email with the simple pick-up instructions. Most cargo stations have a cooler (giant refrigerator) where your order is stored waiting for your flight to leave, during lay-overs, and when it reaches the destination. Southwest charges a $40/day storage fee after 48hrs, so promptly retrieve it once it’s On Hand. Anyone can pick up your order if they have the waybill and a valid government ID.

The average courier fee is $28, but that’s dependent on the location (NYC is more expensive than Austin for example), and your distance from the airport. Your courier needs to be booked with us before the flight leaves or there’s a penalty we’re assessed by the courier company.

If you opt for the courier, we’ll send you an e-invoice separately within a couple days of placing your order.  Watch for that email because we can’t schedule a courier once your order has shipped. Couriers don’t have the same access as UPS or FedEx eg, gate codes or lobby.  If the courier can’t deliver your package,  it will be returned to us, causing a delay in your food’s arrival, creating additional shipping costs and possible food replacement because it’s perishable.  Contact us prior to shipping with your gate code, schedule, lobby hours, or other instructions that may prevent a successful delivery. This is your responsibility.

By default we do not require a signature, so the carrier will drop the package at the doorstep or lobby of the address you give us.

If you’re going on vacation, temporarily relocating, or are a snowbird, we can get your food to your pet without interruption.  We ship to hotels, Grandma’s house, your office, neighbors, or anywhere you need in the USA.

We’re about sustainability.  We prefer to recycle the shipping materials.  Request a return label and we’ll email you one once you’ve accumulated several orders of liners.  We’ve tried to make it easy for you to return the boxes and insulators by using the US Postal Service (USPS).  Retape the box, put the return label on it, and give it to your postal carrier.  Please don’t return any of the food bags; recycle those locally.

If you live on the other side of the country, don’t fret.  All of the materials we use are fully recyclable if you don’t want to return them.  Simply use your local recycling system.  If you want to return your packing material, accumulate several orders worth so it’s cost effective to return.  Let us know when you’re ready and we’ll email you a return label.

No matter where you live we need to receive all paid orders by the 11:59p PST Sunday cut-off if you want to be assured your order will be made in the coming week.  This includes subscriptions. Usually we accommodate orders after that time, but there are no guarantees.  There is an expedite fee option if you NEED your food made and shipped outside of the normal production cycle.  Contact us if that’s the case. 

We make food to order which is why we need the lead time.  We have little to no sitting inventory, and order only the ingredients needed for the week.  We make your pet’s food fresh with fresh ingredients when you order.

If you’re prone to forgetting to order, consider signing up for a subscription.  Contact us for special shipping requests.

We offer a subscription for our products.  You set it up so your food comes in the quantities and an interval best for you.  Ordering is never overlooked because of your busy schedule.  Set it up and forget about it.  Your food will arrive as you need, keeping your freezer stocked how you like it. If you ever want our help setting up the subscription simply let us know and we’ll figure out the details for you.

The subscription can be changed, canceled, or modified at any time.  You also get priority if there’s ever a capacity or ingredient shortage– your order will always be first in line.  Our subscribers have priority.

An email notice is automatically sent out three days before the next billing so there are no surprises, also giving you a chance to modify your order.  To subscribe, select ‘subscribe and forget’ when you purchase your next order.  If you have issues, email us and we’ll adjust things to your liking for you.

Here’s a LINK to a quick video showing how to manage your subscription.

It’s based on when you order and your shipping option. If you order between Monday and Sunday we’ll make your food in the coming week (Tuesday-Friday). Air-cargo will ship when it’s ready and UPS will ship on the following Monday.

More detail: Air-Cargo is sent by Saturdays (we send ship air-cargo when the order’s ready, so Wed-Sat). Expect an automated shipping notification within a few hours of drop-off. If you have a courier, you will receive a text message when it’s picked up from the airport for delivery. It’s ready for airport pick-up when your box is listed as ON HAND by Southwest or ready for pick up by Delta and Alaska. Sometimes the air-carrier calls you (even though we ask them not to) to let you know your shipment has arrived. If you’ve paid for a courier, ignore this call — we’ll send a courier to pick up your order and deliver it. If your cargo station has a cooler, that’s where it’ll be stored until it’s picked up.

UPS/FedEx are shipped on Mondays at around 3pm (unless it’s a holiday). Once UPS has your box, it usually takes 3-4hrs for the status to be updated. We create the shipping label several days before shipping day — this can cause confusion if you’re using UPS’ On-Track, which will notify you when the label is created, not shipped. Make sure you take the extra step to click the tracking number once you have it, for the most complete and accurate information. Sometimes our automated system sends you a shipping status that isn’t as up-to-date as the actual UPS tracking information.

NOTE: If you use Shop Pay, they may give poor or confusing estimates of when your order ships. Their algorithm does not align with how we produce products and ship. We are unable to opt-out of their notifications sent to our customers. Contact us if you have shipping questions at shipping@fetchingfoods.com.

Once we begin to make your food (ordering ingredients, creating product packaging, preparing your box, etc), there is no refund. We cannot accept returns of raw or cooked products.  For any product we sell, if your shipment arrives damaged or compromised by heat/temperature, we can issue a refund (See Shipping Protection Plan). Note that defrosting does not constitute damage.

For any issue with your order contact us immediately.  Delays or damage by UPS/FedEx and couriers are not covered unless you have purchased the protection plan.  Once shipped, any refunds or replacements for UPS/FedEx will not include the shipping charge.  You are responsible for filing claims with UPS/FedEx unless you have the Shipping Protection Plan. Air-cargo shipments, which are usually fully replaced and reshipped at no charge if damage is caused by the carrier. They will need to approve and issue any refund, not Fetching Foods.

While you’re shopping, you’ll see the protection plan pop up in your shopping cart. You can choose to keep it or opt out. You’re charged for the protection plan when you check-out. You can also add it to your subscription if you like.

Fetching Foods Inc’s replacement policy is intended to scover products damaged by UPS, FedEx, Roadie, and other delivery services (carriers) Fetching Foods uses to deliver your purchase, which do NOT offer compensation for damage while in their care. This includes excessive delays delivering the package.

The decision to issue a refund, replacement, credit, how the process works, evaluation criteria, what and how much to replace or refund, is at the sole discretion of Fetching Foods, Inc. Fetching Foods, Inc can modify this policy in whole or part without notice and for any reason. Read the full terms and conditions HERE.

Meal Quantity Estimator for Adult Cat Meals (16oz = 1LB)

Meal Quantity Estimator for Adult Dog Meals (16oz = 1LB)

NOTE: Puppies and kittens require approximately double the food quantity at their weight in the the table, and senior dogs/cats require about 1/3 less than what the table shows.  READ ABOUT HOW TO FEED PUPPIES AND KITTENS HERE.

Raw feeding is simple, but is more involved than pouring kibble (dry food) into a bowl.  Here is a rundown of tips.

If you’re new to raw or fresh food feeding consider purchasing the Sampler Pack.  This will introduce your DOG or CAT to a variety of seven proteins, seeing what their favorites are, so you know what to purchase going forward.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started CLICK HERE.

Look at the BLOG section of our website to read all about raw feeding, our philosophy, and much more.

We’ve all heard the hype about the dangers of raw meat.  Some of the hype is warranted and some isn’t.  Raw food, specifically raw meat, is what we’re talking about.  Keep in mind we’re dealing with at least two species: humans and dogs and/or cats.  Both have different tolerances for the bacteria that thrive on raw meat.  The FDA’s guidelines are for humans.  Our pets can typically tolerate a higher quantity of pathogens than we can.

For the ultimate word on Raw Meat Handling Procedures, the authority to cite is the FDA.  You can find detailed information here:  https://www.fda.gov/food/resourcesforyou/consumers/ucm255180.htm

Most of us have cooked raw chicken, beef, pork, or some other meat in our kitchens.  Handling Fetching Foods is the same.  Here are some practical tips from the FDA (#5 is our addition):

  1. Sanitize the bowl by washing it.  Use dish soap or even better, put in the dishwasher.
  2. Sanitize the feeding area once the meal is finished.  We like to use a spray bottle with bleach plus water and a paper towel.  Ratio: 1/4 (minimum) to 3/4 (maximum) cup of bleach to 1 gallon of cool water or 1 tablespoon (minimum) to 3 tablespoons (maximum) of bleach to 1 quart of water. Contact Time: Let stand for 2 minutes, then wipe or air dry.
  3. Do the same for the prep area.
  4. If you’ve touched the raw food, wash your hands with soap and sanitize anything you touched after coming in contact with the raw food.
  5. You don’t need to fumigate, use fire, or move to a new home if the food is spilled or a mess is made.  A few sprays of the bleach-water mix and a paper towel will clean up things just fine.

Some animals are picky about their food.  They’re individuals like humans, but you can help them overcome their reluctance with a strange new food.  It’s also a good idea to go through a transition process when introducing a new type of food, even if they devour everything placed in front of them, to ease possible digestion upset from a new food.  You know your pet best and if the transition isn’t working (not eating the food or digestion issues), it’s easy to slow the transition steps.

It’s okay to go slowly.  Start by mixing in a thumbnail size portion of Fetching Foods with their current food just enough to enable them to get used to the sight, smell and taste of the new food.

Then, very gradually, increase the amount of Fetching Foods, while decreasing the amount of their current canned or dry food.

Sometimes pets prefer their meals served warm or even closer to body temperature. Warming the meals by using dishes warmed in the oven then adding the food and/or adding warm-hot water releases the flavors and aromas.

Once you defrost the food, it’s typically good for 3-4 days in the fridge after you break the vacuum seal.  As long as the food’s been maintained at refrigerated temperatures of 40′ or less, it can be safely refrozen without harming the quality of the food.  Read more here.

The food can remain safely in the freezer for up to 18 months.  You’ll notice the “Best By” date on your package.  That date is set four months after packaging.  During that time the food is in peak condition.

Fetching Foods ranks in the excellent range relative to all other pet foods.  The exact values are listed on the product pages for the food you’re purchasing.

You can see more detail on the Just Cat and Only Dog products HERE.

Read more on labs, standards, and how you factor that information into your nutritional decision-making for your pet. READ MORE HERE. If you found that useful, there’s even MORE HERE.

A specific make-up can be found on the Product Information page for Just Cat, Premium Cat, and Only Dog, and on the menu that accompanies your order with Custom Meals.

We use high-end human-grade ingredients.  Grass fed, organic, sustainably raised products.  This creates the highest quality food with the most nutritional value and the smallest impact on the environment.  Learn more here.

There are no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no fillers, no grains, no soy, by-products, no added sodium, gums, or anything unnatural in the food.  This is probably the healthiest food you can feed your dog or cat.

Our meats are sourced from California, Colorado, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, the Dakotas, and Montana.  Our venison comes from New Zealand, Buffalo/Bison from Canada, all approved by their version of the FDA/USDA for humans, and is their premium grade.  All meats are pasture-raised and most are organic certified.  All meats are antibiotic-free, non-GMO, steroid-free and hormone-free.  The meats we use are better than what most folks can buy for themselves in the grocery stores.

All of the recommended and required nutrients including Taurine are provided by our whole food ingredients. Remember, when you see added vitamins and minerals on your cat’s or dog’s food label, it means the ‘food’ ingredients were not of high enough quality or do not have the nutrient density to provide those nutrients themselves.  These nutrients can be destroyed by over-grinding, over-mixing, or by a high temperature cooking process. 

Raw is the healthiest choice, but it’s not always the best solution in every case.  There are a number of reasons why raw may not work for your situation.  If your OBGYN advised against it (pregnancy), you have a house with very young children, you’re unable keep the feeding/prep area clean or can’t pick up the bowl after 30mins, have immune-compromised animals, your cat prefers the firmer texture of cooked, or see feeding raw as a bridge too far for you at this point, this is the option for you.

We use the same human-grade ingredients from our raw meals with our gently cooked meals.  We carefully heat the ingredients just to the point that it kills 99% of the bacteria, but at a low enough temperature to not damage the heat-sensitive nutrients.  Our process is essentially a pasteurization technique. The meals are cooked in resealable, vacuum-sealed BPA free bags to lock in the flavor and nutrients.  

Gently cooking does change the texture.  It’s somewhat firmer.  This is good for cats or dogs with firmer texture preferences. The red liquid you see in the packages isn’t blood. It is actually a combination of water and a protein called myoglobin. Myoglobin is a protein found in red meat that transports oxygen in the cells. This liquid is released when cooked (it’s why you rest meat after cooking it).

Because it’s cooked at a lower temperature than what you’re use to with your food, don’t expect it to look browned and well done.  It’s gently cooked through but you may see some red liquid (myoglobin) and moisture since it’s cooked in the pouch.  Some customers will quickly brown the food in a frying pan before serving it, so it’s more like what they’re use to.  NOTE: humans are the only animals that cook their food.

Fetching Foods uses eggshell in our products.  There are some exceptions with Only Dog and Just Cat Duck and Rabbit, however boneless versions are offered.   Our Custom Meals can be designed with or without eggshell, bone, or even use a different type of calcium depending on the specific need.  Read more here.

The Fetching Foods tagline is “Human Food Made For Pets”.  You may have asked yourself, why is human-grade food important for our pets.

When you eat healthy you feel good, even great.  You have more energy, think clearer, your hair and nails are healthier, skin is clearer, your stomach doesn’t ache, smooth regular bowel movements, etc.  There are obvious outward and inward signs when you’re on the right diet. It’s the same for your pet.  The food’s quality increases that effect when combined with a properly designed species appropriate diet.  Read more here.

Dogs are carnivores, but are closer to the omnivore end of the scale than cats.  The right plants and appropriate ratio to meat can have a significant benefit to a dog’s healthy diet.

Here’s some more detail on the subject.

After you receive the food simply defrost and serve.  But if you want more…

When you receive the meals, place them in the freezer.  One recommendation is to place three containers in the fridge so they can defrost.  As you use a container from the fridge, pull a container from the freezer and replace the used one in the fridge.  This will give you a 36hr defrosting time, assuming you feed every 12hrs or so, making your meals defrosted and ready to use.  You can accelerate the defrosting by placing the container in coldish to warm water, like in your kitchen sink.  Float the container and in about 30-50 minutes it’ll be defrosted.

Handling raw meat is no different than when you cook chicken or steak at home.  Those dishes start off raw as you know.  In other words, there is nothing unusual or to be excessively concerned about since most people have handled raw meat in their kitchens.  This is no different, and probably easier.

Make sure you wash the area and any utensils with soap where you handled the raw product.  Wash your hands with soap immediately after serving the raw food into clean food bowls to prevent cross-contamination.

Do not let the raw food sit for more than 30min in the pet’s bowl. Wash the bowl(s) and area around the bowl after your pet finishes eating or 30mins, which ever comes first.

Read more here.

For more detailed raw handling information, check out the FDA site.  www.fda.gov

A complete and balanced raw diet is the best way for your pet to eat — every animal on the planet eats whole raw food except humans and their pets.  When dogs and cats eat what they are meant to eat — whole, fresh, foods — their immune systems are at their strongest and their digestive systems can do what they are meant to do.  The acidity level in their stomachs is very high, which makes it an inhospitable environment for bacteria. Dogs and cats are much more likely to get sick when they are fed a diet not intended for a carnivore—a highly processed diet filled with chemicals, grains, starches, and sugars.

The short answer is yes, whether you have a cat or a dog.  Here’s a detailed article on the topic to help you understand the nutritional science behind our food when it comes to taurine.

For cats you usually hear FLUTD, for dogs it’s struvite crystals.  UTI, bladder or kidney stones are other related issues that arise for several reasons, but diet is one you can readily control.

We are often asked about how a raw diet will effect their pet’s health, typically by affected pet owners searching for a solution to these painful and serious afflictions.  It’s usually after their pet is diagnosed with one of these conditions and is directed to start feeding a prescription kibble or canned food.  A key is hydration which is ample in a raw diet — contact us regarding Custom Meals if you need something more than our standard products.  Read more here.

Most of the time our pre-formulated products, Just Cat and Only Dog, work well with these conditions. However, not every pet is the same and requires a unique diet. Our Custom Meals are designed around your pet’s specific needs and your vet’s recommendation(s).

Read more here for hyper/hypothyroidism.
Read more here for pancreatitis.
Read more here for kidney disease.
Read more here for diabetes.

You may have heard of PREY, BARF, or other models for raw feeding.  We adhere to Nutrigenomics, not a simplistic one-size-fits-all model.  Nutrigenomics leverages many scientific fields like genetics and biochemistry to define the best diet using chemicals in foods for your pet’s DNA.  It’s the most solid, advanced, and progressive branch in nutritional science.

Food and nutrition are relatively recent fields of study.  Modern nutritional science is surprisingly young. The first vitamin was isolated and chemically defined in 1926.  It’s only been about 70yrs since we discovered single nutrient deficiency diseases. Research on the role of nutrition in complex non-communicable chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancers, is even more recent.

We feel Nutrigenomics is the best solution for your cat and dog.  (It’s highly effective in humans also — as a former athlete I’ve personally observed its benefits.)  Being a muti-disciplinary science, the new science of nutrition is rooted in and leverages several mature sciences.

All of our ingredients come from high-end human-grade sources.  That means we don’t offer or supply parts of the animal the USDA and FDA consider high risk contaminates (eg trachea, brain, eyes, lung, spleen, etc).  We carry a number of exotic proteins that aren’t regularly offered on our website.  Most can be ordered under the Custom Meal option.  We can’t list all proteins that are available to us, so contact us if you want something special or is not listed. There may be a lead time.

  • Water buffalo, boneless turtle, frogs legs, edible crickets, elk, beef pancreas, beef kidney, veal/lamb/bison testicles, antelope, alligator, kangaroo, camel, ostrich, and more.

When you move to a natural diet, either raw or gently cooked, you’ll notice some physical and behavioral changes in your dog or cat fairly quickly. They have more energy, drink less water, their coat becomes silky, breath and body smell better, shed less, they pee more and poop less. READ MORE HERE.

Our ethics are pretty simple: we don’t want to make a mess of the world with our business and we want to make a positive impact where we can.  We honor the animals we use in our food by selecting suppliers that are humane, providing a healthy, happy life for them and do all we can to prevent wasting any meat.  We look at the whole of our business, from the suppliers we select, materials we use, to how we make deliveries. We’re focused on providing the best product for your pet while making the smallest footprint on the environment.

Here’s a short video of our company philosophy.

We want you to be thrilled with not just our products, but the service and overall experience.  Let us know if there’s any way we can improve or enhance your Fetching Foods experience.