About Fetching Foods

Fetching Foods is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, founded by Troy and Kiesha Allison, both life-long animal lovers with award winning Ridgebacks (Rex and Rosie), and two bengal cats (Jules and Royal). We are a veteran and minority business, founded in 2017.

Healthy and happy pets are our motivation. We work tirelessly supplying a fantastic product that helps humans give their four-legged loved ones a healthy, organic, humane, and environmentally conscious diet your pet will devour.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver an amazing, standard-setting product to people who care deeply about the complete health of their animal. The Fetching Foods promise.

Inside Fetching Foods

About Fetching Foods

Fetching Foods is a FDA registered, regulated, and inspected facility which also falls under state and local oversight, including regulations and/or inspections from Nevada OSHA, Nevada Department of Agriculture, the Clark County Health Dept/SNHD, and others. We only use whole inspected and passed USDA ingredients from USDA facilities. We are required by Nevada to follow AAFCO’s nutrition guidelines for dogs and cats as a minimum.

The broad skillsets housed within Fetching Foods enables us to create our unique and outstanding products. The base formulations were made in conjunction with DVM and nutritionist consultation and input. We have nutritionists, chemists, and biologists on permanent staff for custom formulations. We have a food scientist ensuring the food is safe and healthy, several support team members holding nutritional certifications. Our handmade food is prepared by culinary graduates/chefs, which is why it tastes so good!

Our food has been lab tested for nutritional composition and is regularly tested for pathogens.

Our Facility

Prepared fresh in Las Vegas

Our food is carefully made by hand, not mass-produced on an industrial scale, which means no additives, preservatives, or supplementation mass-produced food requires. Plus, our food is better for the environment sourcing most of the organic ingredients from neighboring states.

Everything you order from us is made fresh and by hand. Once we receive your order it’s slotted for the next production cycle. It takes a little longer to receive your order, but great things take time.

Packed with care by our team

The Shipping Team has nearly a decade of experience shipping perishables to all 50 states, through all seasons. We expertly pack your box using a state-of-the-art recyclable liner and dry ice to maintain the correct temperature of your food. We ship using UPS and air-cargo (link to air-cargo). You can also track your order here .