All About Eggs

All About Eggs

We primarily use duck and/or chicken eggs in our dog and cat meals.  The whole egg, shell and all.  

Eggs are a near-perfect food, with complete amino acids, phosphorus-calcium balance, fats, rich nutrients, and more.

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Poor-quality eggs can be unhealthy.  Many mass-produced eggs come from poorly-raised chickens injected with vaccines, treated abysmally, and slaughtered prematurely.  we don’t support those practices at all.

The best place to get your eggs is from a small, reputable egg farmer.  Pick them up fresh.  You can ask what they’ve been fed, their living conditions and more.

No local farmer nearby?  Then you need to go to the label.  There’s really only one thing you need to look for, and that’s Pasture Raised. 

Pastured hens have access to the outdoors and graze primarily by eating grass and bugs.  In other words, they eat a biologically appropriate diet, living a natural life.  Chickens living like chickens.

Pasture Raised is as close as you can get to local farmer eggs.  All that other stuff, like organic, cage-free, free range, Omega-3 enriched, and the worst IMO: hormone free, are basically gimmicks to cover-up poor-quality eggs and horrendous living conditions.

Did you know hormones are illegal to add to chickens?  So putting “hormone-free” on the packaging is deceptive.  Consider the integrity of that brand for future purchases.  

Pasture-raised.  Or local farm.  That’s what we use in Fetching Foods.


Want to understand why Fetching Foods primarily uses eggshell calcium?  Read this article.

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