Fetching Foods Air Delivery

Fetching Foods Air Delivery

HUGE Shipping News

It’s time to make a change.  Our primary shipping method to you will eventually become Southwest Air Cargo.  We’re making this change sooner and transitioning faster than originally planned.  For the last year we’ve been seeking alternatives to UPS and FedEx.  There isn’t enough space in this article or enough of your patience to describe our feelings and complaints with these two companies.

Last month pushed us over the edge.  CV19 has greatly increased our costs and the difficulty of bringing you the best food available.  As you’d expect, we shielded you from most of this but not without lots of extra work by us behind the scenes.  When the meat shortage fears started to surface, our boxes are labeled “Frozen Meat” started to disappear without reason while in the care of UPS and FedEx.  Dozens of them.  UPS and FexEx no longer stand by their delivery commitments (eg 3-day select arriving in three days) because of CV19.  Now they’re delivering packages when they please, without explanation or accountability.  When packages began disappearing our claims were denied because of some not-previously enforced fine print that allows them to avoid covering any perishable items (they’ve covered them for the odd damaged or lost packages in the past).  Between the lost packages with no reimbursement, excessive delays despite paying for expedited service that causes ruined food, we feel this is too much and is tantamount to an emergency in our minds.

This is wrong on so many levels.  From the waste of the animals that gave their lives to feed ours, leaving you without food, damage to our reputation, endless hours on the phone with UPS/FedEx, and the significant cost to replace the food and paying to re-ship (box/liners/dry ice) in addition to all of the CV19 costs and issues we’re enduring, we have to make a change.  Now.  It’s no wonder why Amazon is creating their own carrier service, relying less and less on FedEx and UPS.

Customer input not only alerted us to the many annoyances around shipping, despite our best attempts to keep it running smooth, but also to the positive experiences with Southwest Cargo.  We listen to you.  We hear you and make changes.

We’ve already started transitioning customers who volunteered to Southwest Cargo with excellent results.  It’s going to become our primary way of getting food to you: we’re going to fly your food to you.  This is on the level of the service you and your pets expect and what a food with the quality of Fetching Foods deserves.  Not shipped via UPS where it rides in the back of a 140′ truck.  WITHOUT increasing costs to you!

Monday was our first official test.  We put food on planes in the morning which flew across the country.  Dogs and cats were eating their fresh Fetching Foods for lunch and dinner that same day!

Do you recognize our boxes sitting happily in California less than two hours from when we dropped them off (below).

In the short-term nothing will change unless we reach out to you or you contact us wanting in immediately.  You can opt in or not at that time.  

If your shipping charge is $60 or above you’re a good candidate for phase I.  This probably means you order larger amounts of food to cut down on shipping costs.  Chances are we can cut your costs.

If your costs are less than $60, you’re a candidate for the phase II: couriers.

Right now we only have shipments from Las Vegas to your nearest Southwest serviced airport.  You’ll have to pick up your shipment at the Southwest Cargo center.  These are located on the outskirts of the airport — this is nothing like the terminal (see below).  No TSA. No-to-minimal lines. It’s simple in-and-out and the SW team will even put your box/boxes in your car for you.

We’re working on a hiring a courier service in the various cities to bring your order from the airport to your home.  We will start testing that part of the service next week (phase II).  This will eventually become a complete replacement for UPS and FedEx with door-to-door service at the same price as what you’re paying now.  

We think that’s super cool!  We’ll increase the service level and experience to you by ten-fold at no additional cost!

While we’d like this to be a 100% solution, it’s not.  Some customers live far from any airport serviced by Southwest, and/or too far for a courier.  In those cases we’ll rely on UPS or FedEx or a different airline.

Southwest was chosen because they’ve proven to evolve with the times.  Their on-time rating is among the best in the industry.  Southwest’s customer service is outstanding, familiar with going the extra mile.  In another life I flew regularly for business.  When I wanted to get somewhere fast and efficiently domestically, I’d pick Southwest.  They will get your packages to you.


  • There will be no additional cost to you.
  • Most of the SW Cargo airports have a cooler.  Your food will be stored there until you pick it up.
  • You can pick up the food 72hrs+ from when it arrives (if the courier service isn’t being used or isn’t implemented in your city).
  • Using this service will drastically reduce our environmental footprint when it comes to shipping.
  • Over time we can eliminate the Wednesday ordering deadline, since that was mostly driven by when we can ship.  Now we can ship and have food arrive the same day.
  • There are no shipping holidays.  Southwest flies 365 days each year.
  • You need food now and you live across the country? We have a solution that won’t cost an arm-and-a-leg.

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