Aircargo Shipping Option

Aircargo Shipping Option

Fetching Foods is on the cutting-edge yet again. This time with shipping. Air-cargo is the premier shipping method. No one else offers it, completely worthy of the product being shipped, and who it’s being shipped for. It’s the best option for a number of reasons.

During the checkout process you have the option to send your order via air-cargo. Your package will fly in the belly of a commercial airliner to 100s of destinations across the USA for a reasonable rate. We currently use Southwest, Delta*, and Alaska Airlines* to give us the exceptional airport coverage and pricing everywhere in the USA. First class transportation for first class food.

Air cargo is faster and more reliable than UPS or FedEx. In some cases you can have your order the same day it’s shipped. We also have more control of your order during transit. Unlike UPS or FedEx, once it’s picked up from our facility there’s nothing we can do until your order arrives at the destination. We have the ability to influence air-cargo orders en-route. Plus, most air cargo facilities have a giant cooler and/or freezer where your order will safely rest before the flight and at the destination, until it’s picked up.

The rate for air-cargo is flat. Meaning it costs the same to send your order whether you ship 1lb or 60lbs. Alaska’s rate is flat to 75lbs, Delta’s is 65lbs, and Southwest’s is 80lbs. Orders above those weights will have to purchase another block of 75lbs/65lbs/80lbs, which we’ll bill you for separately after processing your order. Placing larger orders and shipping less will save you money. We ship air-cargo orders when they’re ready (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) with your order arriving the same day or next day in most cases.

UPS and FedEx don’t always replace lost or damaged perishable shipments. We don’t replace delayed, damaged, or lost UPS or FedEx orders either, except when Shipping Protection is added. However, the air-cargo carriers will usually replace lost or damaged orders. Even more reason to select Air-Cargo. Note, you can purchase the protection plan which will cover any gaps between what you paid and what the carriers cover, whether UPS or air-cargo.

At checkout, there are two air-cargo options: pick up at the airport or have a courier pick up your order and deliver it to your designated location. In the ORDER NOTES field, part of the checkout process, you can add your preferred airport or instructions related to your shipment.

You can see if your airport has a SOUTHWEST cargo location HERE.

You can see if your airport has a DELTA cargo location HERE.

Southwest has offered a trial option: Next Flight Guaranteed, or NFG.  This is Southwest Airlines’ highest priority shipping method used for organ donations and the like.  You can actually schedule the specific flight you want your order shipped on.  If you want the best and fastest air-cargo option, NFG is it.  It’s $85 flat rate up to 80lbs.  We’ve been offered this amazing rate on a 4 month trial basis.  If there’s sufficient volume, it’ll be extended by Southwest. 

If you select airport pick-up, the air cargo area isn’t near the passenger terminal, but the hither regions of the airport.  That means no TSA, lines, traffic, tourists, and a quick in and out. If you live near the airport, want to save a few bucks, or don’t mind getting your own package, this is an excellent option. We’ll send you an email before your order is shipped which points you to all the information needed to find the cargo area and pick up your package effortlessly. You’ll receive this email several days before your order arrives. Basically all you need is the address, waybill, and a valid ID like a driver’s license, and anyone with those pieces of information can pick up the order.

If you want the courier service select the ‘Air-Cargo+Courier‘ option.  We’ll send you an email with an e-invoice for the courier as we process your order — all you have to do is ‘click to pay’ and your order will be delivered to your home or office like a typical UPS-type order.  The average courier cost is about $28 but varies by how far you live from the airport — the rate is charged by the mile.  Couriers have a range of around 100mi from the airport, but California limits the maximum distance to 50mi. The courier rate is not based on your order’s weight, but distance traveled. The cost is similar to what an Uber/Lyft would charge for the same distance.

For now, the courier cost can’t be calculated at checkout. It’s a software integration issue. That’s why an extra step is required, sending you a separate e-invoice as your order’s processed. We need to price the courier through the courier’s tool, from the airport cargo area to the Ship To location, then send you an invoice. You will need to pay the invoice before your flight leaves, otherwise the courier company charges us a stiff penalty. Which we’ll pass along to you, so watch for the courier e-invoice in your email inbox.

Having a subscription makes things easier. We can build your air-cargo preference, pick-up or courier, into your subscription profile. Once you tell us what you want, it’ll be that way going forward, completely hands-off and no extra steps required.

You can always select the UPS or FedEx option.  If it’s possible, based on what you paid, we may be able to convert what you paid for shipping into a air cargo+courier delivery. It’s not unusual the air-cargo+courier is cheaper than UPS or FedEx.

Not all airlines have access to all airports. Having three carriers virtually guarantees you have access to an air-cargo delivery option. From small Montana towns to New York City or Los Angeles, we can fly your order to you and deliver it to your door. No other food company does this.

*Delta has canceled their negotiated rate with many of their customers, including us, to pursue a different cargo pricing models, due to the high costs of labor and fuel. Email for more questions.

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