Refund Policy


Once we begin to make your food (ordering ingredients, creating product packaging, preparing your box, etc), there is no refund. We cannot accept returns of raw or cooked products.  For any product we sell, if your shipment arrives damaged or compromised by heat/temperature, we can issue a refund (See Shipping Protection Plan). For any issue with your order contact us immediately.  Delays or damage by UPS/FedEx and couriers are not covered unless you have purchased the Shipping Protection, and may be limited.  

Minor package damage caused during shipping is not considered a cause for replacement.  Note that defrosting does not constitute damage.

Once shipped, any refunds or replacements for UPS/FedEx or Air-Cargo will not include the shipping charge.  You are responsible for filing claims with UPS/FedEx unless you have the Shipping Protection Plan. Air-cargo shipments, are usually fully replaced and reshipped at no charge if damage is caused by the carrier. They will need to approve and issue any refund, not Fetching Foods.

Additional Information

While you’re shopping, you’ll see the protection plan pop up in your shopping cart. You can choose to keep it or opt out. You’re charged for the protection plan when you check-out. You can also add it to your subscription if you like.

Fetching Foods Inc’s replacement policy is intended to cover products damaged by UPS, FedEx, Roadie, and other delivery services (carriers) Fetching Foods uses to deliver your purchase, which do NOT offer compensation for damage while in their care. This includes excessive delays delivering the package.

The decision to issue a refund, replacement, credit, how the process works, evaluation criteria, what and how much to replace or refund, is at the sole discretion of Fetching Foods, Inc. Fetching Foods, Inc can modify this policy in whole or part without notice and for any reason. Read the full terms and conditions HERE.