Super-Nutrient: Astaxanthin

Super-Nutrient: Astaxanthin

We keep our food formulations simple. Putting in a few of the right ingredients is better than a whole bunch of the wrong ingredients. One of the ingredients we feel necessary is Astaxanthin.

Mother Nature makes fantastic foods that not just nourish but allow us and our pets to flourish. Some of these foods head off or diminish diseases and conditions before they take root. Our meals are made with these ‘superfoods’ by design (Just CatPremium Cat, Only Dog.)

One of these superfoods is astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble nutrient that’s been studied in humans, consuming it daily for more than 20yrs, with no documented negative effects. [REF 1].

Astaxanthin is the oceanic carotenoid that makes flamingos pink and salmon red. Astaxanthin is found in krill, the small crustaceans eaten by Antarctic animals like whales and fish.

Astaxanthin consumption has demonstrated many positive effects, including anticancer, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, immune-stimulating effects, and antioxidant activities as well as neuro-, cardiovascular, ocular-, and skin-protective effects. It’s truly a super nutrient.

Astaxanthin is known as the “king of the carotenoid family.” It’s a naturally occurring, non-toxic source of vitamin A that is hundreds of times more potent than vitamin E, ten times more potent than beta-carotene, and about five times more potent than lutein as a functional antioxidant.

Astaxanthin fights oxidative stress and free radical damage. Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illnesses and aging. Free radicals are linked to aging and a host of diseases including cancer. Astaxanthin has very strong free radical scavenging abilities helping to protect cells, organs and tissues from oxidative damage. It is arguably the single best whole food supplement available for dogs and cats.

A study conducted at Washington State University and published recently in the Journal of Animal Science [REF 2] indicates that supplementation with astaxanthin improves mitochondrial function in dogs. Specifically, the researchers concluded that:

“Dietary astaxanthin improved mitochondrial function in blood leukocytes, most likely by alleviating oxidative damage to cellular DNA and protein.”

Essentially what that means is there is a slowing in the aging process and slowing of disease development, eg, cancers. (Read more here:

Astaxanthin also helps with absorption of critical nutrients like Omega 3s, specifically DHA and EPA. Omega-3s are important for a healthy heart and can help reduce inflammation in cats that have existing heart disease. Astaxanthin may also lower blood pressure and prevent dangerous blood clots that could be damaging to the heart, along with anti-inflammatory properties and may contribute to reducing joint pain caused by aging or osteoarthritis.

Several studies show that senior cats suffering from osteoarthritis-related joint pain had improved motion and had more energy after receiving a consistent diet containing astaxanthin. The same results have been shown in dogs as well. [REF 4]

Our astaxanthin is imported from Norway, sustainably harvested from ocean algae. Since Fetching Foods is stored frozen, it keeps this fragile nutrient stable for up to 2yrs. Once defrosted it’ll remain effective for 10-20 days, way longer than the 3-5 days your defrosted food will stay fresh in the refrigerator [REF 3]. Your pets will get the full benefit of this powerful nutrient.

Astaxanthin’s many benefits for cats, dogs, and humans are difficult to overlook. Because of the natural power and positive impact to nutritional health, it is a regular ingredient in our foods.

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