They’re Going To Die Soon Anyway

They’re Going To Die Soon Anyway

Going to get a little preachy here. (See accompanying video.)

I was talking with someone the other day about odd things I’ve heard since starting Fetching Foods.

My number one thing, and I hear it about once a month, is “My dog or cat is 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 yrs old and it’s not worth changing their diet.  They’re going to DIE soon anyway.”  No kidding, I hear that often: they’re doing to die soon.

Essentially they’re not worth the effort.  The pet has been your loyal family for years, now you don’t really care anymore.

Mind you, these are ALL people who treat their animals like family, say they love their dog/cat more than most people, etc.

Well, I call BS.  Can you imagine saying that about your parents or grandparents.  You don’t care if they’re smoking, eating horribly, basically shortening their life in significant ways?  They’re old, useless, they probably bother you because they walk too slow.

Wouldn’t that be the time when you’d try to change things, to preserve or add time to their lives.  So you can enjoy what’s left, and they can enjoy their time with quality health.

If you won’t feed Fetching Foods, at least feed raw, DIY if you must (we have a blog you can use, like many people have.

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