Welcome to Fetching Foods!

Welcome to Fetching Foods!

Learn more about the motivation behind Fetching Foods, and all that the company has to offer through its amazing raw pet food products in the following interview with founder, Troy Allison.  

1.  Hello, Troy.  As we get started, can you please explain to all of us what Fetching Foods is?  

 Fetching Foods is a boutique pet meal manufacturing company for dogs and cats, created out of a desire to provide species-specific nutrition and the BEST food possible for dogs and cats.  At Fetching Foods, we create a raw food experience for your fur-baby by hand-selecting every piece of meat and produce that goes into our pet meals.  That’s right, we make meals for pets, while others make dog food and cat food.  We use our culinary training, nutrition knowledge, consultation with experts, and experience to ensure both the highest quality and safety of food.  Our products are all comprised of FDA approved human grade food ingredients, not FDA feed grade ingredients, like other pet food companies.  To put it simply, we are pet chefs! 

2.  What a truly wonderful concept for our pets’ food.  Why did you begin Fetching Foods?

Fetching Foods began because I love my dogs.  I have owned pets, mainly dogs, for most of my life.  Because I did not know any better in my younger years, along with very little published nutrition information, I always fed them kibble that I bought at the store.  Unfortunately, I had to put one of my pets down after they developed a urinary blockage due to the food that they were eating.  However, the vet was unable to suggest an alternative, or how or why the food caused this condition, my pet food buying habits did not really change with the pets that followed, even though they too suffered from other medical conditions over the years — more typical ailments like arthritis.  Then Rosie entered my life.

 Rosie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and my first purebred puppy.  She was the type of dog I had wanted since I was sixteen years old.  Prior to having Rosie join my family, I had done some research to prepare for her arrival, including what to feed her, deciding to first go with a premium line of dog kibble when I brought her home, and then gradually stepped up to a freeze-dried option.  The results were impressive when I made the move to freeze-dried, seeing a significant increase in her overall health, energy level, coat, etc.  That was my “ah-ha” moment, as I realized it must be the food! 

That got me researching pet food.  As I continued to research pet food, I was introduced to the concept of “feeding raw”.  It was amazing to me the immense amount of benefits a raw food diet could provide to my family member, Rosie.  However, despite my desire to provide Rosie a raw food diet, I could not find a reliable, quality raw pet food company, so I took to my kitchen.  With the addition of Rex, my second Rhodesian Ridgeback, I fed him raw and saw the lean muscle weight gain, shiny coat, high energy levels, alertness, and overall superb health, as well as with Rosie, just from the food that I created. Fetching Foods was born.  

3.  It sounds like there has been a lot of time and energy put into the creation of Fetching Foods.  Since Fetching Foods creates pet meals based on a raw diet, could you explain the benefits of feeding your pet a raw food diet?

 The benefits of a raw food diet for your pet are tremendous.  A few of the most noted improvements in your pet’s health are a shiny, silky coat, white, tartar-free teeth, an increased level of energy, itch-free skin, decrease level of allergies, much less poop, and more.  Basically, your pet becomes a better, healthier version of himself or herself using Fetching Foods’ raw food diet formula.  Using a raw pet food diet, your pet is eating what they would have naturally eaten in “the wild”.  For thousands of years, dogs and cats have eaten food that nature provided to them.  Their diets were comprised of items that they had access to and that their bodies craved.  They ate what nature produced in their environment, and they were healthy.  Fetching Foods makes it convenient to bring that natural diet of raw, fresh, whole foods to your pet in the comfort of their own home.

 4.  What sets Fetching Foods apart from other raw pet food companies?

 It’s our product quality!  In order to ensure the best products possible, we have extremely high standards for the ingredients that we use to create our meals.  Each batch of dog and cat food is personally created.  Our process begins by going grocery shopping, with each item selected and approved by me, personally.  I prepare the food, package the food, and provide the quality control.  Our meals even vary by the season to ensure the freshest possible ingredients in each batch.  No other raw pet food company can claim that.  Dogs and cats have had variety in their diet based on the seasons for thousands of years living in the wild, so at Fetching Foods, we work hard to replicate that natural variety.  As seasons change, we can react to seasonal changes in produce, meats, etc., with suitable replacements to ensure the highest quality of food.  Many pet food companies simply use the same ingredients all year, meaning that their ingredient quality at some point will be compromised.  I mean, you can have a peach as an ingredient, but how fresh is a peach in February?  At Fetching Foods, our flexibility in creating fresh, seasonal meals, allows for the finest quality of raw pet food.  Our quality is also maintained as we prepare the food.  I have been trained in the culinary arts and have extensive knowledge not only about pet nutrition, but also food safety and kitchen cleanliness.  It is truly a personalized, hands-on pet meal approach.  

In addition to our product quality, Fetching Foods also can offer something that other raw pet food companies cannot, a personal touch.  As I stated before, I began this company because I was not satisfied with what was available to feed my own dogs.  With this personal experience and knowledge, we are able to offer the assurance that our products are of high quality and produce fantastic results for your pets.  Our passion, dedication, and experience, combined with a fantastic, quality product makes Fetching Foods a superb raw pet food company.

5.  In order to make your pet meals, where do you get your ingredients?

Our belief is that exceptional ingredients makes exceptional food, so we purchase nothing but the highest quality of ingredients for our pet meals.  I get the ingredients for Fetching Food’s products at the same places I buy food for myself.  The top three places would probably be Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Costco, as they have the greatest selection of organic, non-GMO, humanely raised food sources.  When I shop it takes me quite a long time, as I am hand-selecting each item.  It’s actually quite funny, because I spend so much time at these places, that some of the local checkers have started referring to me as “the dog chef”, a title I take with honor.  Fetching Food always buys our ingredients locally.  We believe that if we were to begin batch-buying products, we would lose the quality that our products contain and that our pets deserve.  Our hands-on selection of the best ingredients allows us to offer such an exceptional product, which is our ultimate goal.

6.  Any final thoughts, from our resident pet chef?

We would love you to let Fetching Foods help you in providing the best possible diet for your beloved family member, your pet.  An immense amount of passion, dedication, and desire for creating great pet meals has gone into Fetching Foods, from the moment I came up with the business idea to today.  Whether you are just beginning your pet on a raw food diet or are looking to continue a superior diet, always know that you can count on Fetching Foods to be your ultimate source for superior, raw pet meals.  Begin or continue your pet’s raw food diet by visiting us at www.fetchingfoods.com.

 Here is to you and your pet’s health!

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