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Fully Custom Meals.  When one size isn’t a fit for your kitty and your cat requires a personalized nutrition solution.  Every ingredient can be adjusted or changed to your cat’s specific needs and your convenience.

This is different than our pre-formulated Just Cat products:

We’ll prepare a biologically appropriate diet designed for the specific nutritional requirements of your individual cat.  A wide variety of high-end human-grade proteins can be used to avoid food sensitivities/allergies to create a healthy, tasty meal for even finicky cats.

Nutritionally rich.  Highly digestible.  Delicious.  Convenient.  Individualized.

Raw is the healthiest choice, but it’s not always the best solution in every case.  There are a number of reasons why raw may not work.  If your OBGYN advised against it (pregnancy), have immune-compromised animals, or maybe feeding raw is just a bridge too far for you at this point, here’s your option.

We use the same human-grade formulation from our raw meals with our gently cooked meals. Think medium-rare without the sear. The texture is firmer. We carefully heat the ingredients just to the point that it kills 99.9% of the bacteria, but at a low enough temperature to not damage heat-sensitive nutrients. The meals are cooked in resealable, vacuum-sealed BPA-free bags to lock in the flavor and nutrients.

If you’d like to have a custom diet developed for your kitty, in the instructions, request the questionnaire be sent to you so we can assess, as nutritionists, the dietary needs of your cat then design a unique formulation.  Any recent lab work, vet consults, and your input all help us construct meals your dog will love and flourish on.   We can integrate therapeutic herbs (being trained herbalists) into the diet, use a traditional Chinese approach, work hand-in-hand with your vet, and more.  We build what’s needed for your cat.  We also package your meals in the perfect size pouch to the correct portion size.

More detail on the Custom Meal options:

FF Designs and creates diet: this means we do an analysis of the data you send us, creating a background on your pet’s health to design a diet suited for the cat.  It starts with sending you a detailed questionnaire and request for medical records — the more detail you give us the better the result.  From there we will develop a recommendation in 3-5 business days delivering it via email.  After a solution is decided and you agree, we’ll make the food and send it.  (You will need to select one protein, eg turkey, to enable checkout.  This has no bearing on the meal we design.)

FF Designs a formula around my choices: we will design at least a minimally complete meal (a meal that meets the minimum guidelines for the major AAFCO components) based on the choices you select.  We may add ingredients to accomplish this.  Make sure to add any ingredient restrictions to the Instruction field. Note some deletions may require the Follow Exactly option.  If there are issues designing the meal, we will contact you.

I’ll create my own formula: Make us your own personal pet chef!  Select what you want and how you want it.  We’ll make it exactly as you describe.  If we see an issue we’ll contact you.

Make it like Just Cat/Premium Cat: The easiest way to build your custom food.  This option is a modification of the Just Cat formula with the changes you select.  This selection means we’ll base what you select off of our standard formula —we’ll make the changes you want and we’ll do the rest to make a complete meal.  Select the temperature (raw or cooked), Just Cat/Premium Cat, the protein, and any special instructions in the Instruction field eg no psyllium, a chicken-salmon blend, etc.  Note some deletions may require the Follow Exactly option.  If there are issues designing the meal, we will contact you.

Regular: our normal grind size.  It’s similar to ground beef you may see at the butcher shop.

Fine: this makes the food close to a pate.  As an alternative, we can do a double grind which is somewhere between our regular grind and the fine grind.  Select Fine grind and then add ‘double grind’ in the Instruction field.

Chunky: We use a large grinding plate, about 1” in size.  It’s chunky, approximately 60% of the meat portion are large chunks.  We grind the organs at the regular grind then mix with the meat chunks.  Having a whole heart in the food isn’t what most people want.  Proteins with bone cannot be made chunky (large bone chunks can puncture the packaging and create a choking hazard).

Regular with Chunks:We use a large grinding plate, about 1” in size.  This is what most people select.  It’s the best of both worlds.  About 20% of the meat portion are chunks, the remaining 80% is regular grind.

Bites are hand cut into bite-size pieces, and can be somewhat customized to be larger for larger animals (the bite size for a 8lb cat is different for a 20lb cat).  Note your Bite size preference in the Instruction section.  Bites are not complete meals, bites don’t include organs, only a single protein for all 5lbs (not multiple proteins), and are meant as a topper or additive to Just Cat, Premium Cat, or a Custom Meal.  If you select to make like Just Cat/Premium Cat under Formulation, we’ll treat the Bites like how we make Chunks, creating a complete meal but using bites instead of chunks.

Additional Information, Instructions, or Requests: This is the catch-all.  If you don’t want an ingredient, select this here e.g., no psyllium.  Other instructions can be added here, like don’t use eggshell calcium carbonate but instead use lab created calcium carbonate.  Or any other instruction or clarity you’d like to share so we make the perfect meal for your kitty.  This includes items not listed eg special cuts of meat or herbals — we will bill you for any add’l cost.


Daily Portion Size: the number you put here, 4oz to 80oz, is how we will portion your 5lbs (5lbs = 80oz).  4oz will mean you get (20) 4oz packages.  10oz would mean you’ll receive (8) 10oz packages.  If you don’t put a size, we will use 8oz as the default.

Multiple proteins selected in a single 5lb batch: we will blend the proteins together with approximately equal portions of each protein.  Three proteins are the maximum.

If you select chunky with the batch, but one of the proteins has bone but others don’t, we’ll do a regular grind for the protein with bone and chunky for the non-bone proteins.

We can also customize this product to for a perfect meal for ferrets.

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Why human grade food is important:


Quality first.

Fetching foods is the highest quality natural USDA Human-Grade food for Dogs and Cats.

We care for your pets like we care for ours.

For animal lovers, it’s no mystery why we care so deeply for our furry friends – there’s an undeniable and extraordinary bond formed between us and our pets. We believe that we should not feed our animals anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. It’s a much higher standard than simply ‘human-grade’. Spam(r) is human grade food.

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