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Not sure what proteins your pup likes best?  Do you need a variety of flavors for ever-changing tastes?  Regardless of the reason we’ve put together all of our Only Dog products to try.  No substitutions.

Each Sampler Pack contains SEVEN DIFFERENT proteins, all are either raw or gently cooked:
– One 8oz Only Dog Turkey
– One 8oz Only Dog Venison
– One 8oz Only Dog Pork
– One 8oz Only Dog Beef
– One 8oz Only Dog Lamb
– One 8oz Only Dog Rabbit
– OPTION: 8oz Only Dog Duck -OR- one 8oz Rex and Rosie Blend

Detailed Nutritional Analysis

We use top-of-the line premium human-grade and organic ingredients from known fresh sources to make our Only Dog products.  Made from whole meat and organs that are ground at the time of production.

Why dogs need plant matter:

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Quality first.

Fetching foods is the highest quality natural USDA Human-Grade food for Dogs and Cats.

We care for your pets like we care for ours.

For animal lovers, it’s no mystery why we care so deeply for our furry friends – there’s an undeniable and extraordinary bond formed between us and our pets. We believe that we should not feed our animals anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. It’s a much higher standard than simply ‘human-grade’. Spam(r) is human grade food.

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9 reviews for Only Dog Sampler Pack

  1. Cheryl (verified owner)

    First time getting blend dogs loved it be good for a cat package too!!

  2. Adara (verified owner)

    best price and noticed a difference than regular kibble

  3. Amanda (verified owner)

    I’m so happy, I found you guys!

    My mom bought her pup in October. (Pekingese Black Female)

    I wanted a higher quality food for her pup.

    Something healthy, something real.

    A dog food that I could feel confident about, without the constant fear of food recall.

    When I found Fetching Foods, I was completely blown away! They are absolutely amazing all-around.

    Providing a high quality food and a high quality service to their clients.

    I decided to try the Only Dog Sampler for the little pup…Wow!

    After one week, I knew Fetching Foods was exactly what I wanted and more.

    Enrolled Subscribe & Save option so that she will automatically get her food when it’s best for her.

    Thank you for all you do!

  4. Maureen Ott (verified owner)

    I am slowly introducing the raw food to their diets and they both are enjoying it.

  5. Tanya Subia (verified owner)

    Excellent food and customer service! I spoke to one of the owners and she was extremely helpful, informative and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using this product and working with this company. Our pup absolutely devours this food!! Wish I could give more than five stars!!!

  6. Yi C. (verified owner)

    I’m new to raw feeding my puppy. Owner Troy is very knowledgeable help me get my puppy through new food.

    Great quality, fresh ingredients and great customer service.

  7. Tameisha G. (verified owner)

    The whole process has been spectacular! I love the easy ordering and the many deals that come along from every batch. I felt this brand would be a better fit over the many competitors that are currently out. I trust your products and the staff has been so professional and accommodating. It seems like companies are no longer connected to consumers, but that’s not the case for your brand. Oh and I love the fetching foods backpacks that I pick up my orders in. I use it everyday just to spread the word… I even leave your product pamphlets that I receive with each order at my local dog park hoping others will benefit like me. The best part is my dogs love it! My Shih Tzu stands on her hind legs dancing from the time I grab the pouch from the fridge until I put her food dish on her mat. She gets so distracted that she’ll walk through the water bowl to get to the food. My Cairn Terrier has skin allergies, but she’s doing so much better on your products. They look happier (I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true) and they enjoy feeding time again. I will never put them on anything else!

  8. Tamara Kelly (verified owner)

    My dog and cat LOVE the food! I have tried a lot of the other premium food delivery companies, none were acceptable to my spoiled babies!

    Troy is an exceptional business owner, as he works tirelessly with me to adjust my orders to suit my pets needs. He is truly a gem. Love this company!

  9. Sharon Sanchez (verified owner)

    Great, dogs love the sample pack, easy to feed once thawed.

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