Whole Duck Neck Treats For Oral Health (2 per package)

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From our premium quality Grade A white Peking duck (human grade).  The White Pekin breed of duck is the type of duck used in making the AFLAC commercials, are known for their slightly sweet taste and a juicy texture.  Indiana raised White Peking duck, hormone and antibiotic free, and fed an organic vegetarian diet.

These meaty duck necks are an excellent treat with the benefit of cleaning tartar and plaque off of the rear teeth — typically the most troublesome to reach and keep clean.  A duck neck is significantly softer than a large mammal’s femur or similar bone (beef, buffalo, pork, veal, etc).  This helps avoid painful and expensive tooth breakage that can occur with ‘bones from the butcher shop’.

Serve frozen to for a delicious treat!

Each whole duck neck is approximately 6″ long and weighs about 8oz.  A raw product shipped frozen.  Contains bone.


Quality first.

Fetching foods is the highest quality natural USDA Human-Grade food for Dogs and Cats.

We care for your pets like we care for ours.

For animal lovers, it’s no mystery why we care so deeply for our furry friends – there’s an undeniable and extraordinary bond formed between us and our pets. We believe that we should not feed our animals anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. It’s a much higher standard than simply ‘human-grade’. Spam(r) is human grade food.

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2 reviews for Whole Duck Neck Treats For Oral Health (2 per package)

  1. Cheryl Aisoff (verified owner)

    I felt a whole neck was too much for my 20 lb terrier mix so I worked to find an area to break it to 3 pieces. That way she enjoyed 3 pieces!

  2. Adara (verified owner)

    my dog loves them

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