Just Cat Lamb

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About Product:

Top-of-the line premium human-grade and organic ingredients from known fresh sources to make our Just Cat Lamb formulation.  Made from whole meat and organs from the USA.

Delivered locally or shipped nationally frozen in 16oz, 24oz, or 32oz resealable bags.  See our FAQ for the shipping and delivery schedule.

Lamb Formulation: USDA Prime pasture-raised boneless leg of lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, whole fresh egg (shell, white, yoke), psyllium husk, vitamin E supplement, astaxanthin, manganese gluconate. *All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein min 12.6%
Crude Fat min 10.5%
Crude Fiber max 0.14%
Moisture max 75.2%
KCalories/Ounce 38

Detailed Nutrition Data

FAQ: www.fetchingfoods.com/faq for general questions.

More on shipping: www.fetchingfoods.com/shipping-a-necessary-evil/


Quality first.

Fetching foods is the highest quality natural USDA Human-Grade food for Dogs and Cats.

We care for your pets like we care for ours.

For animal lovers, it’s no mystery why we care so deeply for our furry friends – there’s an undeniable and extraordinary bond formed between us and our pets. We believe that we should not feed our animals anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. It’s a much higher standard than simply ‘human-grade’. Spam(r) is human grade food.

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12 reviews for Just Cat Lamb

  1. Sandra S. (verified owner)

    My two kitties love the just cat lamb. We ordered two large orders while we could get it with free shipping. We saved a lot on something we really need for our IBD kitty. Thank you for producing such a good product.

  2. Sandra S. (verified owner)

    Very good, we’re very pleased with the product. The cost of shipping is still the main problem.

  3. Sandra S. (verified owner)

    My two kitties love Just Lamb. It’s good to find food that does not have bone in it and has eggshell instead for calcium.

  4. Marybeth Vita-Edwards (verified owner)

    Just Cat has made an incredible difference in my highly allergic, IBD cat’s world. Troy also worked with me to create an additional customized meal to add some variety as well. The meals are delivered quickly and packaged conveniently. Not only is the food great but the boxes and freezer wrapping are hit as well. Can’t recommend Fetching Food enough.

  5. Elaine Wells (verified owner)

    Kittie lives in SW Florida, so it is a long way for a trial of Fetching Foods All Cat Lamb to travel. This is the first time Kittie was willing to try even lamb and she ate it up !! Good Kittie

    Thank you Fetching Foods !

  6. Belinda Khan (verified owner)

    My cats took a bit to warm up to the idea of a new protein (shocking I know) but they really like the lamb. It gives them variety over the rabbit that they are hooked on. We always appreciate this company, the quality of their products, and their customer service. Can’t recommend them enough.

  7. Belinda Khan (verified owner)

    My girl loves the lamb, although rabbit is her #1 favorite lol. But the quality of the food and the customer service are unsurpassed.

  8. Sandra Smithey (verified owner)

    My kitties love the food and Troy gives fantastic customer service. You can’t beat that combination. If you haven’t tried their products l encourage you to try them, you won’t be sorry!!!

  9. Deanna Meske (verified owner)

    Score, both cats love it! My girl loves it so much she sleeps by her placemat where we serve the food and she can eat it all without any problems, shes persian and would make a mess with canned foods plus I would have to keep piling it up for her as she would flatted in out. This is probably the 6-7th company I have tried since radcat went out, some have been just ok but this one was an instant hit. She loved the venison at first until she tried the lamb, She can’t eat raw chicken or turkey anymore, used to for years then all of a sudden, her stomach can’t handle it. I just hope the fda doesn’t come in and try to pull what they did on rad cat, it was totally unethical and really hurt a lot of cat parents.

  10. Margarita Rovani (verified owner)

    The kitties are red meat lovers and Just Cat Lamb did not disappoint! I will need to include more packages in my next order.

  11. Olga Demchuk (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I found Fetching Foods. Their raw meat is top quality and all three of our kitties really love it. Lamb flavor is a favorite and they can’t get enough. Thank you Troy!

  12. Martina K. (verified owner)

    Our Imperial Highness is allergic to chicken, probably other birds like turkey, duck, or quail. He abhors rabbit; accepts beef, and is a finicky eater.

    Guess what? He adores the lamb meat! He even empties his bowl!

    And he is so much happier.

    So are we.

    I am really grateful to found a supplier of proper, good, clean raw lamb for our cat, and I highly recommend it.

    So does his Imperial Highness of the Siamese Persuasion, too.

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