Only Dog Kangaroo 16oz

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Kangaroo.  It sounds exotic, because in the USA it is.  Most American dogs have never tried it, so it’s considered a novel protein.  That’s a different story in Australia, where it’s much more common.

Kangaroo is a lean meat with less than 3% fat, making it a healthier red meat option. It is also high in protein, essential B vitamins, minerals such as zinc, iron and omega 3 fats and omega 6 fatty acids. Compared to beef, kangaroo contains double the amount of iron and triple that of chicken and pork.  

One amazing trait is it’s rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – producing a variety of health benefits from reducing obesity to holding anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic properties.  

The taste of kangaroo is described differently by every person who tries it, however, a common observation has been made; it tastes like a mixture of venison and buffalo meat. It’s not as dry as deer, and it’s leaner than the meat from a buffalo.

We use a premium (AU-65) human-grade boneless leg steak from the Australian Eastern Grey kangaroo, heart, and liver ground at the time of production, making a mix of 95% meat and organ with 5% fresh plant matter.  This combination provides robust nutrition and great taste.

Ingredients: Human-grade premium kangaroo leg steak with heart and liver, whole fresh eggs (shell, yoke, white), yellow squash, beets, carrots, kale, pomegranate, blueberries, parsley, dandelion greens, turmeric, astaxanthin.  *All ingredients organic unless otherwise noted.

Guaranteed Analysis as Fed
Crude Protein min 21%
Crude Fat min 3.1%
Crude Fiber max 1.1%
Moisture max 74%
KCalories/Ounce 30.1


Quality first.

Fetching foods is the highest quality natural USDA Human-Grade food for Dogs and Cats.

We care for your pets like we care for ours.

For animal lovers, it’s no mystery why we care so deeply for our furry friends – there’s an undeniable and extraordinary bond formed between us and our pets. We believe that we should not feed our animals anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. It’s a much higher standard than simply ‘human-grade’. Spam(r) is human grade food.

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